DuPont and The Dow Chemical Company have announced they will combine in a merger of equals, which will close after hours on August 31, 2017. The combined company will be named DowDuPont. The parties intend to subsequently pursue a separation of DowDuPont into three independent, publicly traded companies. This would occur as soon as feasible, which is expected to be 18 months following the closing of the merger, subject to regulatory and board approval. The South African Competition Tribunal has approved the merger subject to a number of conditions, which include the following:

  • Dow and DuPont (“the Merging Parties”) shall negotiate in good faith to make available and license the Genetic Material listed below (copied below), to any person, firm or prospective licensee in South Africa apart from Monsanto, on a non-exclusive basis, and on terms and conditions that are fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory to any licensee.
  • The Merging Parties shall:
    • grant the right to conduct breeding and testing in South Africa of each and any of the Genetic Materials listed below, at no charge, and
    • subsequently upon request enter a commercialization agreement relating to any licensed Genetic Materials or inbreds developed through breeding activities using the Genetic Materials for commercialization, registration and use in South Africa and, if applicable, thereafter, the rest of Africa, and
    • Grant the right to sub-license the Genetic Materials.
  • Such licenses shall occur as soon as practical after nine months from implementation of the merger, following a request from a prospective licensee.
  • Licensees shall be permitted to cross the licensed plant material with other non-Dow lines to create breeding populations. The license will require systems of notification and inspection to enable the Merging Parties to monitor compliance with the license (or sub-license, as applicable).
  • Any such license shall include provisions excluding any transfer of Genetic Materials provided under license or any derived inbreds or hybrids derived as a consequence of breeding activity under the licenses either directly or indirectly to Monsanto.
  • The licenses shall be on commercially reasonable terms and conditions including reasonable, fair and non-discriminatory compensation and/or royalties.
  • The Merging Parties undertake to negotiate any licenses or other requirements in these Conditions in the utmost good faith.

The Genetic Materials to which these conditions relate are listed below.

Sort Type DAS Name Descriptor Adaptation
1 Hybrid X14816NT Yellow Late Temperate
2 Hybrid DAS-14Y0036 Yellow Temperate
3 Hybrid DAS-14Y0003-2 Yellow Temperate
4 Hybrid DAS-14Y0034 Yellow Temperate
5 Hybrid DAS-15Y1252 Yellow Temperate
6 Hybrid CNX157137 Yellow Temperate
7 Hybrid DAS-15Y1249 Yellow Temperate
8 Hybrid CNX157146 Yellow Temperate
9 Hybrid DAS-15Y1256 Yellow Temperate
10 Hybrid CNX157122 Yellow Temperate
11 Hybrid DAS-15Y1253 Yellow Temperate
12 Hybrid DAS-15Y1254 Yellow Temperate
13 Hybrid CNX168019 Yellow Late Temperate
14 Hybrid CNX168026 Yellow Late Temperate
15 Hybrid CNX157139 Yellow Late Temperate
16 Hybrid CNX167226 Yellow Temperate
17 Hybrid DAS-15Y1257 Yellow Temperate
18 Hybrid DAS2306 White Subtropical
19 Hybrid DAS2358 White Subtropical
20 Hybrid DOW985 White Subtropical
21 Hybrid DOW911 White Subtropical
22 Hybrid DAS-1120 (FKA 2A120) Yellow Subtropical
23 Hybrid DAS3361 Yellow Temperate
24 Hybrid DAS - 1587 (FKA 2B587) Yellow Tropical
25 Hybrid X14825NT Yellow Late Temperate
26 Hybrid DAS-14Y0003-2 Yellow Temperate
27 Hybrid X13803NT Yellow Late Temperate
28 Hybrid X14814NT Yellow Temperate
29 Hybrid X14816NT Yellow Late Temperate
30 Hybrid X14819NT Yellow Late Temperate
31 Hybrid X14823NT Yellow Late Temperate
32 Hybrid CNX157139 Yellow Late Temperate
33 Hybrid DAS-14Y0034 Yellow Temperate
34 Hybrid DAS-14Y0036 Yellow Temperate
35 Hybrid CNX157131 Yellow Late Temperate
36 Hybrid DAS-14Y0005 Yellow Temperate
37 Hybrid DAS-14Y0006 Yellow Late Temperate
38 Hybrid DAS-14Y0007 Yellow Late Temperate
39 Hybrid X14804NT Yellow Late Temperate
40 Hybrid X14815NT Yellow Temperate
41 Hybrid X14817NT Yellow Late Temperate
42 Hybrid X14822NT Yellow Late Temperate
43 Hybrid X14826NT Yellow Late Temperate
44 Hybrid X15747NT Yellow Late Temperate
45 Hybrid DAS-14Y0020 Yellow Late Temperate
46 Hybrid DAS-14Y0021 Yellow Early Subtropical
47 Hybrid DAS-14Y0022 Yellow Late Temperate
48 Hybrid T13995NT Yellow Late Temperate
49 Hybrid X15724NT Yellow Late Temperate
50 Hybrid X13809NT Yellow Late Temperate
51 Hybrid X14728NT Yellow Temperate
52 Hybrid X14817NT Yellow Late Temperate
53 Hybrid DAS-14Y0028 Yellow Early Temperate
54 Hybrid DAS-14Y0029 Yellow Early Temperate
55 Hybrid DAS-14Y0031 Yellow Temperate
56 Hybrid CNX157123 Yellow Temperate
57 Hybrid DAS-14Y0033 Yellow Early Temperate
58 Hybrid DAS-14Y0035 Yellow Early Temperate
59 Hybrid DAS-14Y0037 Yellow Temperate
60 Hybrid DAS-14Y0038 Yellow Temperate
61 Hybrid X12707NT Yellow Temperate
62 Hybrid X12730NT Yellow Temperate
63 Hybrid X14531NT Yellow Early Temperate
64 Hybrid X14644NT Yellow Early Temperate
65 Hybrid X14703NT Yellow Early Temperate
66 Hybrid X14709NT Yellow Early Temperate
67 Hybrid T14812NT Yellow Temperate
68 Hybrid X15731NT Yellow Late Temperate
69 Hybrid DAS-15Y1254 Yellow Temperate
70 Hybrid CNX167226 Yellow Temperate
71 Hybrid CNX157139 Yellow Late Temperate
72 Hybrid DAS-15Y1257 Yellow Temperate
73 Hybrid DAS-15Y1252 Yellow Temperate
74 Hybrid CNX157146 Yellow Temperate
75 Hybrid CNX157137 Yellow Temperate
76 Hybrid CNX157122 Yellow Temperate
77 Hybrid DAS-15Y1256 Yellow Temperate
78 Hybrid DAS-15Y1253 Yellow Temperate
79 Hybrid DAS-15Y1249 Yellow Temperate
80 Hybrid CNX168026 Yellow Late Temperate
81 Hybrid CNX168019 Yellow Late Temperate
82 Inbred Line MN4154W White Late Temperate
83 Inbred Line MN4243W White Late Temperate
84 Inbred Line HD008W White Early Subtropical
85 Inbred Line M41MU1W White Temperate
86 Inbred Line M41MU3W White Temperate
87 Inbred Line MNGD02W White Temperate
88 Inbred Line DDM01 Yellow Early Temperate