Corporate Governance

Strong corporate governance is an integral part of both Dow and DuPont’s historic core values. As a result, DowDuPont is committed to applying the same sound corporate governance and leadership principles and practices.

Advisory Committee Charters

Board Committee Charters and Membership

Audit Committee

DowDuPont Audit Committee Charter (PDF)

DowDuPont Audit Committee Members:

  • James A. Bell (Co-Chairperson)
  • Patrick J. Ward (Co-Chairperson)
  • Robert A. Brown
  • Richard K. Davis

Corporate Governance Committee

Corporate Governance Committee Charter (PDF)

Corporate Governance Committee Members:

  • Alexander M. Cutler (Co-Chairperson)
  • Jeff M. Fettig (Co-Chairperson)
  • Marillyn A. Hewson
  • Paul Polman

Compensation Committee

Compensation Committee Charter (PDF)

Compensation Committee Members:

  • Lois D. Juliber (Co-Chairperson)
  • Ruth G. Shaw (Co-Chairperson)
  • Lamberto Andreotti
  • Ajay Banga

Environment, Health and Safety Committee

Environment, Health and Safety Committee Charter (PDF)

Environment, Health and Safety Committee Members:

  • Edward D. Breen (Co-Chairperson)
  • Jacqueline K. Barton (Co-Chairperson)
  • James M. Ringler
  • Lee M. Thomas

Conflict Minerals and Human Rights

Political Policy and Engagement