Innovating for Growth

The Specialty Products Division works with customers across multiple industries to advance their best ideas and deliver real-world products and smart solutions. From more nutritious food to more efficient cars, from better ways of connecting to new sources of energy, and from smarter homes to better protection for workers and the environment, the people of Specialty Products are focused on delivering the essential advances that our customers—and the world—needs to thrive.

The foundation of the Specialty Products Division is innovation, one that is strengthened by a rich heritage from DuPont and Dow. With a focus on customer-driven innovation, the technology-driven businesses of the Specialty Products Division apply market knowledge and deep expertise in science and application development to solve customer needs. Each of the businesses is well positioned to deliver value and growth with industry-leading talent, products and brands. These world-class businesses include:

  • Electronics & Imaging – DuPont and Dow have combined their business portfolios and two, globally renowned research organizations to form a technology leader serving the semiconductor, advanced chip packaging, circuit board, electronic and industrial finishing, photovoltaic, display, and digital and flexographic printing industries.
  • Industrial Biosciences — An industry pioneer and innovator that works with customers across a range of markets to improve the performance, productivity and sustainability of their products and processes through biotechnology and engineering solutions including enzymes, biomaterials, biocides and antimicrobial solutions, and process technology.
  • Nutrition & Health – An industry leader that offers a wide range of sustainable, bio-based ingredients, which combined with in-depth knowledge of food and nutrition along with current research and expert science delivers unmatched value to the food, beverage, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Safety & Construction – a global leader that brings together DuPont and Dow portfolios including high-performance fibers and foams, aramid papers, non-woven structures, membranes and filtration technologies, and protective garments along with well-known brands like Kevlar®, Nomex®, Tyvek®, Styrofoam™, Corian® and Great Stuff™ to create industry-setting solutions that protect, shelter and enhance lives.
  • Sustainable Solutions – An industry leader that provides operations management consulting services and learning and development technologies to help improve the safety, productivity and sustainability of organizations in a range of industries.
  • Transportation & Advanced Polymers — An industry leader providing high-performance engineering resins, adhesives, lubricants and parts to engineers and designers in the transportation, electronics and medical markets to enable material systems solutions for demanding applications and environments.

Facts about the Specialty Products Division